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Apr 12, 2021

In episode 559, I chat with Emily Chang, CEO of McCann WorldGroup China and Author of The Spare Room

Over the last 21 years, Emily Chang's job—with renowned companies like Procter & Gamble, Apple, and Starbucks—has brought her and her family to eight different homes across the U.S. and China. In each of those homes, life has introduced sixteen different young people to Emily and her family. Young people who have been abused, neglected or marginalized and who were given sanctuary in the family's spare room.

Listen as she chats about:

  • The first person she ever chose to help and give a spare room to in her home
  • Some of the stories of the people who stayed with her and the impact it had on her
  • How she found her social legacy
  • How her husband and daughter also helped in all of this
  • How social legacy has helped her live more intentionally and be better in her personal and professional life
  • First steps you can take to find your social legacy
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