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Mar 22, 2021

In episode 550, I chat with Mijha Godfrey who is a mom and a lawyer found a large need for parents needing books for kids of color to showcase stories that showcased them and their greatness.    

Listen as she chats about:

  • Why empathy is important
  • How media and books effect us and why representation is important
  • Why you don't have to overcome and you can just be
  • Why only a small group of fiction books that star a child of color are available and how she's finding them and sending them to kids with her company Jambo Books and how she's encouraging more people of color to author books as well
  • Why she suggests there needs to be more opportunities for authors of color and would love to see more publishing companies help foster them
  • Is it a parents job to teach empathy 
  • How to showcase how we look different but that it's also beautiful
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