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May 16, 2022

How to Break the Cycle of Relationship Addiction, Codependency and Toxic Partnerships
Sherry Gaba, LCSW is one of the world’s leading experts on this subject. Author of the bestselling book Love Smacked, you’ve seen her featured on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, CNN, Inside Edition, Access Live, E! News, and in Cosmopolitan, Women’s World, the Los Angeles Times, Thrive Global, the New York Post and Psychology Today. A licensed psychotherapist, life coach and founder of Wakeup Recovery, Sherry marries her vast knowledge of the addiction recovery process with her expertise in relationship coaching and counseling.
But she has a very personal reason for specializing in this area. She WAS a romance and love addict for most of the first 40 years of her life! Married four times, she was driven by the need for reassurance, comfort, safety, validation and financial support that she perceived a relationship offered. Her compulsion stemmed from being a premature baby placed in an incubator for weeks after birth. Without that initial bonding and supporting parenting, she suffered the abandonment that drives most people who are love addicted. Sherry’s husbands included the abuser, the neglector and the alcoholic.
Listen to learn about her story and her tips of breaking the cycle!