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Sep 23, 2020

In episode 473 of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, we are back with our Wednesday segments which is all about mindset education consisting of experts sharing mindset education, our Connected Conversation series which is a generally a panel discussion on a topic that helps open your mind, it also includes the meditation and mantra series and now it will also include once a month a kid's perspective to help you open your mind to new ideas as well.

Each month you'll be hearing from our kid co-host, Aiden. 

On this episode, he interviews his grandma and it's sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face as a reminder of the beauty of humanity, family and connection. 

She chats about what it was like growing up in Mississippi, what it's like being one of 7 siblings, why there's only one race, what it was like in middle school and high school, why she always speaks her mind about justice, her great memories and regrets in life, plus she asks Aiden what his greatest memory is and what he hopes to accomplish in life.