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Apr 26, 2021

In episode 565, I chat with D. John Jackson, a Fortune 50 leader with global responsibilities that include strategic planning, engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence. A creative visionary, he’s an executive producer of documentary films, an author, a strategist, a futurist thinker, a lecturer, and a motivational speaker. He is also the founder of 5J Entertainment, a company committed to educating, informing, entertaining, and promoting positive images of African Americans through various forms of media. Its first film documentary, What About Me, explores the untold, unheard, distorted, and misunderstood stories of Black men in America.

Listen as he chats about:

  • The one question black men ask a lot, what about me?
  • Why black men tend to only be thought of as 3 things and why that's wrong
  • Why we need to treat people well and take the higher road
  • What being black means in terms of interactions with the police
  • Why history and education matter in how we proceed forward
  • Understanding what it feels like to be marginalized in the US but also how to thrive despite it all 
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