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May 20, 2020

In episode 419 of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, we are back with our Wednesday segment where I chat with psychologists, therapists, neuroscientists and other experts on the science of personal growth. The month of May will focus on why empathetic kids succeed in our all about me world and features educational psychologist, parenting and child expert and the author of "Unselfie", Dr. Michele Borba

This episode is about how to help kids self regulate and why it matters.  She talks about what it means to self regulate, how to teach kids to reduce their stress, the kids who are most successful and happiest in life are the ones who learn how to self regulate early on in life, how to be aware of your own stress signs and your child's stress signs, why taking care of yourself is necessary and how parents and kids can signal this, why a calm down corner can help, why time to be is essential, why it's important to understand what a child's strengths are vs what you want them to have, why your voice becomes your child's internal voice and all the steps needed to help your child learn how to self regulate.