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Nov 30, 2020

In episode 502, I chat with Sean Swarner, who redefined Impossible by becoming the only person in history to climb the highest mountain on every continent, trek to the South & North Poles, and complete the Hawaii Ironman - all with one lung.

Listen as he chats about:

  • His first cancer diagnosis as a kid and the second one he got later in life
  • The positive influence his parents had on his mindset 
  • Why he wanted to use the highest platform in the world to scream hope and why he chose Mt. Everest first
  • The importance of mindset training
  • How he chose the summits in what order and why he wanted to be the first cancer survivor to climb Mt. Everest with his HOPE flag
  • What his biggest fear is
  • The emotional last 100 miles of his first climb
  • What the people were like on his climbing trip and how they dealt with different personality types
  • Why he now takes other survivors on trips with him and how's he's doing it
  • Why he says you need to know why you're here and how he's helping others find their core values